Mindful poetry: a playshop for artists and other creative, gentle and loving souls.

Mindful Poetry

This is a workshop for you who wants to befriend your thoughts in order to become the artist you are meant to be! You are welcome to try it out before you sign up. Be my guest!
Who are you and what are you experiencing?
  • You are probably an artist or have a creative profession.
  • Procrastination stops you from creating.
  • You often overthink rather than spend time doing what you love.
  • The Inner critic keeps you in place and devaluates your work and your progress
Do you recognise any of this?
  • I didn´t go to artschool, in other words I can´t be a real artist.
  • All other artists are making more beautiful artwork than I do.
  • I could be a better artist if I only had more time/ a (better) studio/ more money to buy material….
  • I feel overwhelmed by all the marketing stuff you need to do to sell.
  • I am too old to start a new career.
  • I am too young which means I don´t have enough experience to make the soulful work I am longing for to bring to the world.
mindful poetry

What to expect?

You will learn a method to explore and discover underlying thoughts, beliefs and emotions. This poetic tool will for example show you what is stopping you on your path. It can also open your eyes to what you really long for. 

What is hidden in your subconscious will always guide your actions. With more awareness you can see and choose what you need to accept and what what you can change

You will also learn and be inspired by the other participants. We all know that life as an artist isn´t always easy to navigate. For example we might deal with obstacles in different ways (seeing this gives perspective) and sometimes we react in the same way (you might think you are alone but you are not and that is a relief!).
In the studio an ordinary day:

To give an example I share three poems from a day when things were slow, longing for flow but not getting there. 

Hesitant. Unexcited markmaking. Where are you going? Around in circles. Clueless.

Clueless. Interesting statement. What does that mean? Puzzle not complete. Yet,

Yet. Something expanding. What is happening now? Glimpses of hope. Inspiration.

As you might notice, I go from one state to another where something is starting to shift. This is the power of the 11 words. 

How to do it

Every poem is composed of 11 words in 5 lines where every line has a specific purpose.  This restriction, or you you can call it holding space, helps to explore also what has not yet reached your thinking mind. When you are in doubt or when stuck are two situations where the 11 words poetry can be helpful.  

You can use it on your own like I do in the studio and out walking. All the same you can do it for fun with family and friends, after dinner playing with words! 

Sharing is caring. If you like this feel free to share it. 

Here is your download.  Mindful poetry pdf

Useful facts about Mindful Poetry
  • 60-75 min workshop on zoom
  • 6-8 participants (no less, no more. We are creating and sharing together)
  • You sign up and pay in advance
  • With the workshop comes a downloadable PDF, yours to keep
  • Refund possible if you cancel 3 days before the workshop.
  • For the sake of privacy the workshop is not being recorded.

Spring 2023: no dates planned yet. Life is happening and I need to focus on getting some things ready before inviting again. When on my newsletter you will always be among the first to know!

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