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Add some beauty and a sense of hope to your home.

Exhibition home
First soloshow: May 3- June 11 2023
Skapa bilder 13 maj
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On show: pictures from the May exhibition

Together home
Together 60x70 cm
First time
Resting in the stillness of creation 88x65 cm
Connection Home
Connection 60x 70 cm
art for your soul
Size 46x38 cm (private)
“Every single breath is a new beginning”

When life happens, as it has the last years with personal sorrows, lockdown,  climate change etc, there is always something else going on. That something helps us remember to love and live, to paint, write poetry and create wonders. 

art for your soul
Size 43x49 cm 2 950 kr
Life is now” 

Fully focused on something you love the sense of (clock) time disappears. This can also happen in meditation, by the sea a silent summer morning or when you are in a deeply meaningful conversation with a friend.

Together home 2
"Together" in a city apartment.
Buying Art-Help

How does your home look like and how would your new artwork look in your environment? Here I´ve used the app Wallpicture to test out an apartement different from my own. The artwork is in it´s original size and in the app you can also add frames to your choice. 


Here are some older artwork and pictures from my home studio. Among them is my very first go at a canvas in 2007. 1 x 1 m is a good size to start with according to my curious mind. This is so fun, it said, I am tempted to agree. 

Mixed media
I really enjoy making smaller work on paper, especially in the autumn and winter. All the pieces are part of my learning process, here experimenting with new tools and techniques. With the spring and the sun comes new energy and inspiration to work on larger pieces. 

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