Please send me an email if you have any questions about my art or workshops. Or maybe you want to come and see my art in person? 

There will be a shop on this page in the future but until then send me a request and i will be back to you in a few days.

Prices are in SEK and does not include shipping.

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Flowers on Waldermarsudde Art Museum

The museum is the former home of Prince Eugen, artist and art collector. The flower arrangements and the gardens are always worth another visit.

    Be among the first to hear about new artwork, exhibitions and live workshops. I also include reflections on art and life, as they are interconnected in my process.

    I am so happy if you want to be a part of my journey as an artist. 

    Here you find the archived letters of earlier days.They are mainly reflections about life and how to stay present, kind and compassionate in a ever changing world. I hope you find them inspiring to read!

    PS. The writing is in swedish. Please use the translate button in the top right corner to pick your language of preference! 

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