First time

First public solo show

There is nothing like a first time!

Early reflections from my first public solo show. 


is the theme I finally choose for the exhibition. We need art to see the world and all the possibilities in new ways. Art touches us and reminds us what it is to be alive and what is important. The beauty, the sensibility as well as that which is raw and unpolished. Art and creativity is essential for our well-being individually and collectively. 

Art brings us together and together we will create a wave of strength, hope and joy.

Mary Oliver puts it like this in one of her poems:  “Be ignited or be gone”
Reflections on the process:
  1. Detailed planning is not my forte. There are so many ideas and distractions when I prepare, often forgetting what is needed to do right now. To help myself I find a clear goal to help keep me on track.  I want to be non-stressed, happy and curious when I meet the audience on the opening day. 
  2. Working backwards I was able to set a deadline for when to finish the pieces. No more experimenting or painting after Saturday night (opening on Wednesday). Every time when there was a nudge to “do a little something” I could say NO.
  3. Send out early invitations and reminders way more often the you think is necessary. We are all busy people and sometimes overwhelmed by life. Think of it as friendly reminders. 
  4.  I find it more difficult to send out invitations than to be present, talk about and show my work. I recognise this pattern but have not found the right key to overcome this yet. With flow and ease I want to write such invitations that everybody shows up and bring all the right friends etc. 
  5.  Get good enough light to be able to take photos and make a film. What a disappointment! I thought I would be able to to make a film and send out to my non-swedish firiends. 
  6.  Reminder to self: Building your audience is a slow process. Be patient and gentle with yourself. What are my preferred baby steps right now? 
Was there no mistakes or failures?

Of course there was, but nothing that could not be sorted. 
I am grateful for the packing material showing up in the recycling area of our neighbourhood.
The sun came out after a few days of rain, made walking there a nice possibility. 

Have I sold any work?
Not yet. The exhibition is in the lounge area of my local church. It is a bit of a first for them also. I have got some beautiful feedback from parish workers meeting with teens in the lounge. The youth age 14-22 are very excited and inspired to create the next exhibition come autumn!
Will I sell any work? 

I hope so and will be very happy when it happens. However my main object with this exhibition is to show up and build an audience.

Together home 2
This is the painting "Together".
Is this your home with your new artwork?

Look how beautiful with the bright colours in contrast to the stone and brick walls.

This picture is created in the app Wallpicture, allowing for seeing your artwork in different locations. Unsure about to frame or not? The app also allow for that. 

When you buy a canvas from me you can always borrow it to see it in reality. You pay a deposit and all is set. 

Send me a message and make a request!

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