Art reminds you that there is beauty and hope in the world.

Spontaneous show of art in progress outside of
my apartment a hot Sunday in Aug 2022. I love when art is available for everybody to enjoy!

“You are to mirror the beauty of the Universe”

Such was the calling I as I received it during a guided meditation back in 2008. In addition there was a second message: “First you need to polish your inner mirror.”

This calling has led me to the yogamat as well as to my easel and I see it as on going process of becoming more authentic and true. Art and creativity are absolutely necessary components of our existence, I believe. We are creating this world together, for the better and the worse. It´s a challenging and inspiring possibility to make the world a better place so let´s do what we can!

Seeing my artwork I hope you can feel my intention and that it resonates with you. One day maybe one of my paintings will hang on the wall of your home or your workspace. It would make me very happy and proud. 

Art makes you happy and hopeful 


When times are unpredictable like now it´s extra important to have beautiful things around you. They act like visual reminders of what is also there. Paintings, music and nature- we all need them to keep sane in a crazy world. 

Still it can be hard to be hopeful when there is despair around you, and I have personally struggled a lot with this. But even before I started painting I could find rest and perspective in art. It´s like lighting a candle in a dark room and suddenly the ghosts disappear. 

Sometimes I think my paintings show me what I need and long for. Maybe it´s the same for you? If so, wouldn´t it be wonderful to see one of my paintings on your wall?

Home studio about
Livingroom acting as home studio during a workshop
About me:

I am a Stockholm based artist driven by curiosity, looking for what makes you feel more alive and more like You. Being creative is an essential part of my wellbeing, but as many others I choose a safe career path first.

More than 20 years in book retail business, what an adventure and learning experience. Never I knew I was going to end up owning a bookshop together with my partner. I love the smell of books and the variety they offer- knowledge, happy moments, adventure, romance, it´s so rich!  I used my creativity in various ways and enjoyed myself thoroughly, until one day I needed to do something else. You can say life intervened. That is also when I started painting, as a healing practice to begin with. 

Since 2019 I have been more serious about the art, taking numerous painting courses, painting daily and starting to show my work.

2021 I took the Art2Life CVP Creative Visionary program. 12 weeks of exploration and adventure beside all the new knowledge. 

Beside being an artist I am a yoga teacher, a trained coach and give healing sessions with my Tibetian singing bowls. I love the mix and what it gives me- a peaceful mind in a healthy body


Anna Sward Art

I send out my newsletter about twice a month. It mirrors my process, reflecting about art and life. There is a printable picture waiting for you when signing up.

Please contact me if you have any questions about my artwork or if you want to come see my paintings in the studio in Stockholm.

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